Friday, May 25, 2012

Siamo saliti il castello!

Dear Family,

Hey guys! I am so glad you are all doing so good and I can't believe the school year is practically over! Hang in there because I know things get pretty crazy!

This has been a great week! We are looking forward to transfers because it's going to be pretty exciting for what will go down! The whole island is up for switches since there are people who have been in their areas for forever!

Investigators are doing good! This weekend was a little crazy because there was a three day festa for the Sardinian culture, and the weather has been ridiculous. It's been raining almost non-stop since Sunday and unfortunately a huge part of this annual cultural event was cancelled. Nearly no investigators came to church either for that reason so things have been a little slow. 

Wednesday we did another lesson with Margherita and she is progressing well, but we still haven't done another lesson with her mom yet. For that reason it is hard for Margherita to come to church because her mom is so busy with work and Margherita needs to keep an eye on her brother. Members are really available to give her rides so she will make friends in the branch easy. She promised that this week she'd come!

Javier has been busy with work but he's doing good, and so is Salim. Since he is studying at the university he has a dorm and we went to it. It was a little weird doing a lesson in a foreign college dorm but overall it made me miss and get excited to go back up to school. I don't know how he knew this but he asked me if I could say a little prayer for his momentary home for protection and a place where he could feel safe. It was a cool experience doing a dedicatory prayer for his home! He is so great and he is understanding everything we teach him, and he is even sharing these things with his friends who now want to hear the gospel! True conversion brings missionary work!

Adhemar is doing great! We did a lesson with him and then as we were leaving we met some of the Jehovah Witnesses that were walking up the stairs to teach his wife. We had a nice little encounter with them. They have this little trick they like to use (and everyone of them uses it) when they encounter missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They all know we are here for two years but they always ask how long we serve missions. I've made the mistake one time in the past by saying two years, and then the JW quickly made note how he's been doing his work his whole life. Well when I was asked the question this time I responded the same, two years, but we are missionaries our whole lives. We've been called of God to leave our lives for a moment, like when the Apostles of old were called by Christ himself. The man didn't say anything after that. 

Well, talking to Adhemar a few days later I guess this particular man was the leader of the JW congregation here in Sassari. He tried to show Adhemar a bunch of anti-Mormon stuff on his laptop, but Adhemar told us he didn't listen and bore testimony instead. How cool is that! He was very proud as he used his Book of Mormon to confront him in their hour long conversation. I love Adhemar! We are still pushing baptism but things haven't worked out yet. Piano piano. 

Saturday there was this huge market around town that zig zagged through the streets. I refrained from buying stuff but my companion bought a bow and arrow (not a real dangerous one)! It was funny because the moment he strung it when we got home it broke right away! You should have seen the very unhappy look on his face!

Sunday night we went down to Olbia because our district has been preparing to do a musical version of the first lesson. One person explains a part, and then we sing a hymn that goes along with that particular topic. We are doing somewhat of a reenactment, and I am Joseph Smith in the grove... I drew the short stick and all the missionaries say "Leonardo DiCaprio should do it!" I thought that this DiCaprio similitude was dying down until I did a split with Anziano Schwing in Olbia, we met a less active, and she was freaking out because she thought I looked exactly like him. It was good though because she didn't smile once throughout that whole visit until that point!

Speaking of splits we were in Olbia from Sunday night until Tuesday morning. Anziano Schwing impresses me with his diligence as a missionary, but also how much he speaks Italian. It is so easy to speak English with companions, but he is the man and does such a good job with disciplining himself to speak nearly only Italian, and he benefits from it because he has mastered the language. It has somewhat inspired me and I've spoken nearly only Italian (English course doesn't count) since Sunday! I gotta keep it up! I saw the Mazzone family and my love keeps growing for them every time I see them. We were talking about when I will come back after the mission to visit, and they really want to meet you all! They also want me to come with my future wife of course!

Today was so much fun! We met the Olbia guys at this city called Castelsardo almost right on the top-middle of Sardegna. There is a beautiful castle on the top of a mountain right on the shore and we had a blast exploring it. I took a ton of pictures, but unfortunately I don't have my cord right now so I can't send any! I'll be sure to send them next week.

That's the sum up of the week! Things are going great! I'm excited/scared/nervous for transfer calls! If I'm out of here I'll be sure to have Antonio let you know through facebook! (He's a member here in Sassari and he is a great guy! He comes to our English course). I'm pretty sure I'm staying and I would really like to stay because we are so close to a baptism here! 

I love you all so much! I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg! Have a great week and hang in there with the craziness of the end of the year activities! Vi voglio una galassia do bene! 

Un abbraccio!

Anziano Clay Lacey

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