Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cara famiglia mia

Hey guys!

I'm so glad that everyone is doing good! I can't believe that the
school year is almost over for you all! I left before it began  and
it's already almost done!

Things are doing great over here in Sassari. We are having a lot of
fun teaching investigators and seeing their progress. It's a little
sad for us, but Maurizio is moving to Cagliari tonight. We spent some
time with him and his friends last night and we'll say bye to him
today (not for good of course). He is really excited still for his
baptism, we'll be there for it, and he is in good hands with the
Cagliari Anziani. Lets just say when I called the Anziani last night
to tell them about it they just got the best referral of their
missionary lives!

You would not believe the change we've seen in Enoch. He has been
working hard to follow the commandments, especially the Word of
Wisdom. Church was pretty crazy because no investigator showed up. I
think it was going to be my first sacrament meeting without an
investigator in church in my whole mission. Well Enoch was the only
one who showed up and he loves church so much. I've never seen such a
huge voiced desire from someone to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Yet again there was another Italian holiday so schools were closed and
we couldn't see Margherita and her family, or Adhemar yet. Adhemar's
daughter has been really sick so he's been caring for her.

We met with Maddalena after working for the Mastino's. She is doing
great and making progress and we still need to help her work towards
baptism. "Piano, piano", as they say! We'll go all on her time and
we'll set a date when she's ready.

We have a new investigator from Nigeria! His name is Ismaila (I think
that's how you spell it) and he is a professional ping pong player! He
was hired from a team and he goes all over Europe to play. He is way
cool and we found him thanks to Enoch.

Well that's the update for investigators! Things are going good and we
still have a lot of hope for everybody.

I want to share a cool little experience. We were walking and we
noticed a blind man in front of us who was struggling to find were he
needed to go. As we were walking behind him thinking about what we
could do to help him, a group of punk teenagers saw him and began
yelling as loud as they could to distort his course. I can't think of
a nicer way to put this but I've never wanted to cause pain to people
so badly and make them shut up. I turned around and glared at them which
made some close their mouths. My companion was awesome and he asked the
man if there was something we could do to help him. The man asked for
help crossing the street, so we escorted him across, and I bent down
to take off a piece of wet cardboard that was stuck to the cart he was
pulling with his groceries. He was so thankful and asked where we were
from (obviously he could tell from our strong accents). It turns out
he has a friend that is a member of the church. We invited him and I
can tell you I will never forget that little Christ-like moment we had
with him, Fabrizio.

Well that's the sum up for the week! Things are going great and I
still can't believe it's almost a month away from my year mark! Ahh!
And no time at all until we can see each other on Skype! I love you all
so much! I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you
Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg. Have a great week!
Take care and stay safe!

Anziano Clay Lacey

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