Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for the Skype call on Sunday! I felt so good after and it really got me pumped. I love and miss you all so much! I'm so glad you are all doing so good!

I shared a lot during our talk so I'll be somewhat brief for this email.

Monday we went down to Olbia for district meeting. Things went good and we talked a lot about finding new investigators and different methods of finding. When we got back, we called a potential investigator to see if we could meet. His name is Salim and he is from Kenya! We met him on a bus a few months ago and gave him a pass along card, but he never called us back. A few months later he stopped us on the street and he told us that he went back to Kenya to visit his family so he never had the chance to call us. Monday night we met with him and it was an awesome lesson.

We learned a little about him and he is such a stud. Back in Africa he used to be a tour guide in the Savanna and told us all about the elephants, lions, and other animals that he has encountered. Throughout his life. It's amazing how he is actually in Italy now. He was giving a tour to a rich Italian family and they decided to give him the chance of a lifetime and bring him to Italy to get a college degree. He took them up on it and he's been here for a year studying on a scholarship. The problem is that it has been really hard for him here. For example, back in December he was walking home late one time and he walked past a group of about fifteen drunk men. They saw him, and began making racist comments. They chased him down and beat him up pretty bad, and now his left index finger is practically deformed. He explained how alone he feels here and that he can't wait to go back to Kenya after he gets his degree.

The lesson we had went so great. In the opening prayer he started to cry and he said that he really knew we are men called from God. It was a very tender experience. We talked about his religious beliefs, and he has one of the strongest faiths in Christ that I've ever seen. Things are going to go really good with him!

Tuesday was a little weird. We didn't have too much planned in the morning so we went searching for inactive members of the church and to do some finding on the way. We had absolutely no luck! We stopped at so many houses, but we found no success, no numbers, nothing! It's strange because that usually doesn't happen. The cool thing was that we didn't get discouraged! Toward the end of the day as we were doing some street contacting outside of the church, waiting for English course, we stopped this young guy in his twenties and he told us he was very interested in the message! We got his number and we look forward to seeing him again. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to find miracles, and sometimes they happen after a trial of our faith. 

English course went well! Lorenza, the student who had us over for Easter asked for a Book of Mormon, but specifically with a little note written in it from me. I wrote it, gave her the book, and she read it and even cried! I'm glad it touched her because I wrote my testimony in it and I hope it, and our invites to come to church will help her come closer to the Gospel.

We met with Javier this morning and he is doing great! Keep praying for him! We are doing about three or four lessons a week with him.

Well that's about it! We have a lesson tonight with the Nachif family so we are excited for that! Hopefully we can get some baptismal dates set around here soon! 

I love you all so much! I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg. Have a great week! Vi voglio tanto bene!

Anziano Clay Lacey

(Just a few pictures from this demonstration parade thingy we saw around Sassari)

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