Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Un'altra settimana!

Hey guys!

It feels like it's been awhile since I've written last! I miss you all so much! Thank you for the year mark package! I loved the camel theme and it really got me excited to work hard this next year. I absolutely loved the camel drawing contest! You all did great, and Brooke is quiet the artist! Dad... I must say that yours looked more like a dying dinosaur, but I loved it anyways! (Haha -scherzo!) It's hard to believe I've already been out for a year! Time is definitely flying and I'm not counting time anymore because it's going to make me go crazy!

This has been a great week! Things have been a bit slow with teaching, but we've found a lot of success with finding new potentials that look very promising. We have seen a lot of miracles, especially with the Nachif family. 

It has been so hard trying to get appointments with the mother, Sariah, and it has been weeks and they haven't came to church yet. Adhemar is a stud and went over to their house to pick them up to go to church with him Sunday morning, but they weren't ready. He told the mother that she needs to read the Book of Mormon, and he personally gave her Mormon 9 to read. While doing a split with Anziano Ferrero, the greenie from northern Italy, we stopped by just to say hi and she loved the chapter she read. She was so excited for our upcoming appointment on Tuesday. 

Tuesday came around and we planned well for the lesson. We organized for a member, Sara the daughter of Fratello Murgia who served a mission in Milano, to come with us and we planned to teach the plan of salvation. It was neat to see how the Spirit leads you to do other things. We started by talking a lot about the Book of Mormon, and then it lead to an entire lesson based on the book, and you have no idea how excited Sariah was to begin reading. We also found out that they were about to paint a room because they were rearranging the house because her other daughter's daughter is coming in from Bolivia and they need a switch up. Well we insisted to help so we spent p-day helping them paint one of the rooms. The best part about it was who it was for. Alejandro, the 12 year old son, has been a little hesitant with us around. They are basically converting the kitchen into a new room for him and he is so excited for this, because he has been sleeping in one room with all the girls in the family since he's been in Italy. We were scarred because the paint wasn't turning out very well and we painted over this dark pink with a lighter blue. I was worried he wasn't going to like it but he absolutely loved it. We automatically made a friendship and the few hours of work with them was worth it just to see his reaction. We had an awesome South American lunch with them and now here we are at the Internet point!

Like I said earlier, we have been finding lots of success with street finding. While on my split this week I had fun with Anziano Ferrero because he hasn't been able to do much finding just because Anziano Schwing is so busy with branch president business, so in a way the three hours of street contacting we did helped break him into finding work. He, and I were amazed with how much success we found. Only three hours and we got nine numbers! We already have appointments with three of them tomorrow! I have been working a lot on growing faith, and my journal is being filled with small, but powerful personal stories of being lead by the Spirit. I've realized something lately. I always thought in a way that I should work hard so that I can have a memory full of stories to use throughout my life thanks to my missionary service, but that isn't the right way to think. I am going to really treasure sacred experiences and allow the guidance from the Spirit with how I share them.

Sunday was amazing! For district conference we had a broadcast for the Europe zones of the church, and President Eyring and Elder Nelson spoke! It was amazing, but most of all for Adhemar who came. He really recognized that they were men called of God, and the theme's of their talks were specifically for him: uniting the family and conversion to the gospel. Adhemar listened so intently and took notes (while a member in the back was snoring)!

Well that's about it for the week! Things are so amazing here in Italy! I love you all so much! I love you (Bishop) Dad, haha, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg! Thank you for your support and I feel your love and prayers everyday. You're the best! Vi voglio tanto bene!

Cari saluti, 

Anziano Clay Lacey

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