Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amo la missione!‏

Hey guys!

Thank you all so much for the emails! I am glad you are all doing so good! Wow this has been a good week. It seems like things just keep going up and up! The investigators are doing great, and the work in general is moving forward.

Adhemar had been really sick for the majority of the week but we saw him on Tuesday with Fratello Murgia. We began teaching him the commandments, and we had a really good lesson. He was talking a lot about baptism on his own, and so when the Spirit was strongest and after we had borne our testimonies, I gave him the baptismal invite. We had a date in mind for the 28th of April, and so we invited him, and he said that he wants to study more, and pray more so he can know with a surety that these things are true. He said that this is going to be a huge knew step in his life that can't be taken lightly, so he wants to prepare more. I respect him a lot for that. Keep praying for him and who knows, maybe he'll be ready for the end of April!

Things are going great with the referrals he gave us! Monday night we went and tried a young couple that lives in the same apartment building as Adhemar. They work a ton, and are hardly ever home, so we hadn't been able to see them until then. We didn't meet the wife, but we did a lesson with Ronald, who is also from Bolivia, and he is very interested in the Gospel. We have another appointment with him next Wednesday, and I'm sure we'll have the lesson with his wife also. 

Another miracle, we contacted the other family he gave us, came a few times but there was only the young daughter, Margherita, home, so we fixed an appointment to meet with her when her family was home. We saw her Tuesday, but no one else in the family participated in the lesson unfortunately (the brother, the older sister, and the older sister's boyfriend). The lesson went well, she is awesome, and she is very interested in the gospel, but there's only one problem. Margherita is only thirteen years old! We had no idea until she told us because she looks way older and acts way older than she is! We have another appointment set but we don't want to teach her more until we can teach her with her mom who wasn't home at the time, or at least so we can get permission and teach her with Adhemar who is her uncle. Pray hard that this situation will work out because we need young women in the branch! The only young woman turned eighteen right when I came. 

We also found another new investigator named Michel. He is from Chad (I think that's how you spell it in English), and he is so awesome. He speaks French, Italian, Arabic, a little bit of English, and is studying for in some kind of masters program here in Sassari. We found him at a bus stop and we started a conversation until we talked about the gospel and got his number so we could meet with him. The cool thing is that the Christians are very low in number in Chad, because the country is mostly Muslim,  so it was a miracle altogether that our paths met!

Enoch is still doing great and making great progress. He came to church for the second time, and made some great friends. One of the little kids in the branch thought that he was a professional soccer player so he asked for his autograph- it was so funny! Since he's taken the missionary lessons he's noticed a new light that has come into his life and it's amazing to hear him share that testimony with us. 

Other than that we have been meeting with some less-actives and trying to get everyone excited for General Conference! 

Tuesday night the assistants, Anziano Gatchell and Anziano Wright (who served in Sassari), came to give us some supplies and to give a new car to Olbia. They are such studs and it is awesome to learn new things from experienced missionaries. They wanted me to say hi to you all, by the way! I guess on the mainland (since hardly anyone in the mission knows me because I've been on Sardegna the whole time) I'm starting to be known as the elder who looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. It's getting worse!

For p-day we went down to Olbia, found a nice beach, and played some soccer and football. We had a blast and even got some sun which was nice after being bundled up during winter. We then had an activity back in Sassari with the Elders quorum and watched the documentary on President Monson, "On the Lord's Errand." I've seen it before, but as I watched it I realized how grateful I am to have a living prophet on the earth today to lead and guide us. I want people to realize this truth for themselves! God loves us so much, and one sees this from what He does for us. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for all of your support and for your prayers. I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg. Have a great week! I miss you all tons and I can't wait until May to see and talk to you guys! Vi voglio tanto bene!

Anziano Clay Lacey

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