Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prima settimana a Sassari!‏

Buon giorno tutti!

Hey guys! I have almost officially been in Sassari for a week now! Things are going great! It's weird being in a city that is much bigger than Olbia, but I love it so much! The investigators are great. I have no doubt that we will see at least one baptism this transfer!

The investigator that is making a ton of progress is Maddalena. She was a referral from members a few months ago, and she has been to church six times I think. I taught her for the first time last night and she is so awesome! She asks a lot of questions, which is perfect, and I honestly feel the Spirit working through me with the answers that we gave her that seemed to bring her peace. We might even set a baptismal date for her the next time we teach her. I shared a bit about Ignazio's conversion story and that seemed to help her relate a lot. I even gave her his number so she could talk to him and get a personal, fresh testimony of the conversion power of the Spirit. I got to talk to Ignazio last night on the phone to tell him that Maddalena will mostly likely call him, and we had a nice little conversation and it was awesome speaking to him again, even though it has only been a little while! Overall, Maddalena is awesome, and she needs your prayers!

Next we have Maurizio who was found as an English course student. He is about at the same point as where Maddalena is at. He has prayed about the Book of Mormon and knows that it is true, so we'll see how things go with him. He is such a nice guy. I met him at the Halloween party in Sassari and he remembered everything that we talked about there. We will be working towards setting a baptismal goal for him too.

Other than that we are unfortunately losing an awesome investigator who is dating one of our members. She is from Argentina, and she's moving back there for a while to take care of her parents, so no doubt that she'll continue her progression in the church there where it is super strong!

Well that's about it so far! No doubt that we'll add more to this list! We have been doing a lot of finding work lately and it's been fun having a huge selection of houses to hit, unlike Olbia! I was seriously close to knocking on every door in Olbia! Sassari is way too big for just two elders! There actually used to be a sister companionship here too but for lack of sisters I think they closed it. The Branca family (who lived in Sassari when they were converted) were taught by the sisters there about six years ago I think. Oh, a bit of news on the Branca's, they are leaving Italy and going to Austria! Which kind of stinks for the branch in Olbia, but the district president will find something to do. 

The Branch here is amazing! Sunday was absolutely perfect. I had met a lot of the members here already and Alessio is tight with everyone since he used to attend the branch, so I think he might of talked about me a bit. I can't wait to get to know the members better, and I think there is room for some great member work. Overall, I am very happy to be here!

I really like the English course class that we teach too! They are all very fun and it's a lot bigger than the one we had in Olbia. I teach the basic class so I have to learn how to teach English in Italian, if that makes sense. I used to just teach advanced in which we would just speak English the whole time, but now I have to really try! I feel like I've seen a huge boost in my language skills too. Sometimes I might have leaned too much on my companion in speaking, but now I'm just kind of going for it, setting new language study goals, and I've been seeing great results. A new city makes for a really great new start to some things and getting rid of bad habits. 

My companion, Anziano Hill is from Valencia, CA, so really close to us! We have a lot of fun together, and laugh a lot, which is good! He is a great guy and we will do some awesome work here together! On Monday the Anziani from Olbia (it's weird saying that now) came here to Sassari for district meeting, and it was weird seeing Anziano Vitali there, but not as my companion. He is doing great though and I miss him! His new companion, Anziano Bradshaw is a cool guy, and they are doing some good work in Olbia already! They just got a new investigator that wants to be baptized! The work is really blowing up here on Sardegna! Woo!

Well that's about it for the week! Things are going great, like always! I'm so glad I'm here in Sassari! I can't wait to share some cool new stories and adventures! I love you all tons! I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg! Take care and have an amazing week! Vi voglio tanto bene! Alla prossima! 

A presto, 

Anziano Clay Lacey

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