Wednesday, February 8, 2012

8 months today!

Hey guys!

Well today is the eight month mark for me! It's crazy to think that
in four more months I'll be a year in! It's still going by way to
fast!!! Mamma mia!
Monday, February 6, 2012 - Sassari

Well this week has been pretty good! Unfortunately, nothing too
special. We have been doing a lot of finding work but with little
luck. It will come though! Soon enough.

Oh, before I forget, we got some amazing news! For zone conference
this transfer all of the missionaries from Sardegna are jumping on a
boat and heading to Rome in the last week of February! I think there is
an apostle coming to visit the mission most likely. You have no idea
how excited I am! It's going to be like a spiritual vacation or
something like that. I think we'll be there for p-day and stuff too so
I might be able to see all the cool Rome sites like the Colosseum! I'll
keep you posted with the details.

I think I might have mentioned this in another email, but I absolutely
love teaching English course! In Olbia I was just doing conversations
in English, but here I actually have to teach since I have the basic
students who know nearly nothing. I'm kind of really getting into it
and there are these two young guys, 27 and 23, that can be potential
investigators so I'm praying hard for them that something will spark
an interest in the gospel! We all have a lot of fun together in the
class and I think people are really enjoying it because a few of them
have even brought friends! It really helps me with my Italian too. I
have been slowly trying to bring myself to a point to speak only
Italian during the mission (it's way harder than you think with an
American companion) so I can see improvement. All in all this is
really making me want to become a teacher one day... we'll see!

The investigators are doing well. It's been hard to meet with them
though, just because Anziano Hill and I are trying to adjust to
different teaching styles. For example, he doesn't like lessons unless
there is a member there, and I like to try to get a member there, and
if not, to me it's better to just teach than nothing. Anziano Hill
and I are having a ton of fun together! He really makes me laugh and we
get along great. He's a good guy!

Maddalena said to us at church that she got a positive answer about
the Book of Mormon, but we haven't been able to meet with her yet to
discuss it. Maurizio is doing well and he is becoming good friends
with the members too. Both of them had the wonderful opportunity to
see a baptism too which was great! Our branch president baptized his
oldest daughter Sunday night and we had a ton of less active members and
our two investigators there. It went extremely well! Our branch
president is such a stud with such a beautiful family of five kids.
They remind me a lot like a younger version of our family. Maddalena
thought the baptism was beautiful, and was always really curious
leading up to it so we are happy that she enjoyed it.

Let me tell you about the weather. Holy cow it has been cold! I bought
this nice big jacket for £30 which was a great deal, and I had great
need of it! Well, on Monday morning it snowed. And it didn't stop
snowing! Sassari was covered in a blanket of snow which I guess is a
really rare thing! Well, we had fun in it and even made a little
snowman. I thought it was ridiculous at first, but our neighbors loved
it and started taking pictures next to it so we were satisfied!

Other than that we went to Olbia for D.D.M. This week and I got to see
one of the members on the street and that was nice! I called and
talked to Ignazio for a few minutes and he's doing great! Anziano
Vitali said that he gets up early every morning to study the
scriptures. He is so awesome!

Well that's about it for the week! Things are great and I'm loving
Sassari! We'll see some huge miracles soon! I love you Dad, I love you
Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I
love you Greg! Take care and have an awesome week! Vi voglio

Con amore,

Anziano Clay Lacey

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