Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandi Feste a Siracusa!

Anziano Lacey as Harry Potter?

Hey guys!

This has been a very great past few weeks with celebrating the holidays for the last time in Italy. We have had some very great experiences and I have learned so much! I also now realize what it would be like to be a citizen in a war torn city because New Years Eve was insane! It sounded like bombs were falling all over the place and fireworks from all over the city were everywhere! Our members had a party in church and we really wanted to go but we have a mission rule to be in the house that night by 6:00. It wasn't the most fun thing to do, but we had some great language studies together and we ended up staying up late and witnessed the chaos outside from our balcony...

I am having so much fun with Anziano Fiala! He is a great missionary and a great friend. We are getting along great and I know we are going to do great work together! Now pretty much all of the holidays are over (because it's Italy there's always another one around the corner) so we can continue with working hard and getting things moving ahead.

It was so nice talking to you all on Christmas! You all look so happy, healthy, and I couldn't be more glad to see you all like that! I still can't believe it's only 5 1/2 more months until I'll see you again! 

There is a family that has a t-shirt shop near us and we worked with them a bit to try to begin teaching them and now we have an appointment for next Sunday! We tried to get them to come to church on Sunday, they said that they would, but they didn't end up coming unfortunately. We'll keep hoping and praying because they are a beautiful family and they need the gospel in their lives.

Ida, our new investigator, is doing great and is beginning to read the Book of Mormon. She loves church so much and we are going to push this week to set a baptismal date if we feel like it's the right thing. 

The day after Christmas was another holiday in Italy (the day President lets us watch Disney movies, we say How to Train Your Dragon) so we went to a city close to Ragusa called Monterosso where they did a live nativity scene, and they closed part of this beautiful city in the mountains and turned it into a history/cultural fest to make it look like Sicily back in the 1800's. It was a lot of fun and beautiful to see how people lived during those times. We also ate a ton of great Sicilian food!

Speaking of eating... I don't think I've ever eaten so much in my whole life than I have in the past two weeks!!! We have had so many invites and I absolutely love Sicilian food! I feel like the luckiest missionary ever when it comes to food situations... here in Italy they don't complain whether or not it will taste good but rather if the food comes out pretty or ugly! It's hilarious! 

That's the sum up of the week! I feel like time is so short now on p-days and I have less time to write so I apologize if this seems very short! I love you all so much! I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg! Have a great week and BUON ANNO!!! Vi voglio bene dal cuore!

con affetto, 

Anziano Clay Lacey

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