Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another great week

Hey guys!

This has been another great week and things are going great! We had our zone conference yesterday and it went very well. I'm the oldest zone leader now in Sicily so I felt very under pressure but it turned out well and we had a great time. 

On Wednesday night us and the missionaries from Catania got together here in Siracusa and saw the ballet, The Nutcracker, for the first time! It was done by a famous Russian group so it was way good and I really enjoyed it. President always jokes about how missionaries have a 'missionary entertainment deficiency disorder' so I was glad he approved it for us! We also get to watch two Disney or Disney-like movies for Christmas. Any suggestions?

Our investigators are doing well. Stefania has been coming to church regularly and reading from the Book of Mormon daily. Unfortunately she is leaving this week on Sunday and she's probably going to live in America and find work there. I'm happy for her and for this new opportunity in her life but I'll miss her! She will be living in California and she said that on her way to Vegas she might stop by and say hey to you guys!

We have been working a lot with less-actives and one is starting to come back to church! Another came to church on Sunday and we had a nice visit with her and her family on Monday night. Two of her children aren't baptized yet so we are hoping that we can begin to work with them and help this family out! We have already received three invites for Christmas so we might have a fun and busy day! 

We were invited to go to an activity at a Catholic church for a program for youth uniting the world. It was a project for young adults from 17-30 and we had the opportunity to speak at it and get to know a lot of youth around Sicily and even have a lot that will go to various English courses that missionaries do throughout the island. It was a great experience!

I'll just make a small mention: I hit 18 months in the mission on Saturday I just realized... crazy!!!

We had a lunch invite after church and this member brought one of her friends and we had a great afternoon with him, and after our spiritual thought he said he might be interested to take the lessons. He is a very nice man from Argentina and he's already come to church a few times and to the family home evenings in church. That night we all went together to see the First Presidency Christmas devotional and he really enjoyed it. 

Like I said, the conference went well. It was obviously Christmas themed, and every missionary in Italy got the same tie. It is really nice and I'll send the group picture of all of our zone wearing it when I get it! My training was on finding work and we had a great time demonstrating different finding techniques but most of all using this Christmas season as an advantage to try and find new investigators and to profit out of these many visits we'll have with members to try to get referrals. The things that stressed me out the most was getting things prepared for lunch to feed 40 people, and in the end it all worked out except the fact that I didn't tell anyone to bring a knife to cut the honey baked ham, so you can imagine the funny scene of us sawing away at a giant ham with plastic forks! Other than that it turned out perfectly though.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and support with everything. I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg! I can't wait to give you a call here soon! Have a great week and stay safe! Love you!!!

Anziano Clay Lacey

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