Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Data battesimale!‏

Buon giorno!!!
I'm so excited to finally write you all again! Things continue to go great
here in Sassari! Well we got transfer calls and me and Anziano Hill are
staying together for another one! I've got a feeling that I won't have very
many companions in the mission field! I am really excited though and we'll
have a really strong next transfer.
I'll go in chronological order in the different events throughout my week:
Wednesday night was awesome. Unfortunately we couldn't do a family home
evening with President Murgia and his family, but we met with Maurizio
anyways. To share a cool spiritual experience I was really thinking about a
baptismal date we could set with him. I prayed, looked at the calendar, and
felt that the 19th of May would work. Me and Anziano Hill discussed this as
a companionship, and we both felt it was good. We set off and taught
Maurizio the Plan of Salvation and he loved it. It was such a spiritual
lesson and at the end we gave the baptismal invite. It turns out it is his
birthday! He was blown away that we thought of this date and didn't know it
was his birthday. He is really excited for this date and we'll keep hoping
things go great.
On Thursday we left for Cagliari. The train ride was awesome because I sat
next to this 26 year old guy who was return from a week long bike riding
trip around Holland. He was such a stud and we had a three hour
conversation on the way to Cagliari. He's even a little interested in the
Church so lets hope that he will be a good referral for the Cagliari elders.
It was so much fun being with all the guys again and it's funny because
people specifically place me and Anziano Luke in the same room because we
both talk in our sleep and apparantly we've had some pretty good sleep
conversations. Zone conference was amazing and everything that was brought
up was perfect for us and our missionary efforts in Sassari. It was really
cool having an interview with President the day before transfer calls. He
really brought up me training again, and said that there are hardly any
elders coming in this transfer, but that we're getting into the time when a
ton of people will come in so we'll see. I love President Kelly so much and
he is truly an inspired man.
I'm not sure if I told you but the Branca family is moving to Austria so
there is nobody to be the branch president in Olbia. (By the way Ignazio
Mazzone just received the priesthood!) So an Anziano Shwing who was Anziano
Barker's trainer is going there for that calling. He'll do a great job!
Also, my good buddy from the MTC, Anziano Green who was born in Cagliari
just got called back to Cagliari with Anziano Longhurst. Honestly,
President's transfers are too crazy to be anything but inspired!
Sunday was fantastic! We had four investigators in church; Maurizio,
Adhemar (finally came again!), Maddalena, and Enoch (who isn't doing so hot
unfortunately). It was a little crazy because we teach a Gospel Principles
class specifically for the investigators. Adhemar and Maddalena got into a
little heated discussion about the Bible, but Fratello Murgia did a great
job controlling the class and answering questions. Everyone was so
welcoming to our investigators and they all enjoyed church very much.
We went to Olbia for district meeting and then after a very chaiotic
train ride back we barely made it home in time to have a family home
evening with Maurizio and the Murgia family. We had so much fun and I
loved playing with the kids! They are so cute and their family reminds
me of our family years back so therefore it made me miss you guys! A
family with five children is unheard of in Italy. We then ate and had
an awesome dinner. Maurizio is growing really close to President
Tuesday was another great day and we taught Margherita. Her mother was
gone taking care of some financial stuff because another member of
their family is trying to get into Italy. We watched the Restoration
video with her and we asked her whether she prayed to know if these
things are true. She said that she had and said she received an answer
and she know's they're true! We are so excited for her and she'll be a
great example to her family. We hope to get them baptismal dates here
soon! She said that her mother really likes the things our church
teaches and hopefully we can meet with them more often besides just
once a week.
Well that's about it for the week! Things are doing great and I'm so
happy that I'm in Sassari for another transfer! The members were so
glad that we are staying and Fratello Murgia even mentioned in his
talk about how much he loves us and how glad he is that we are
I love you all so much! I love you Dad, I love you Mom, I love you
Morgan, I love you Brooke, I love you Heather, and I love you Greg!
Have a great week! I can't wait to hear from you all soon for Mother's
Day! Vi voglio tanto bene!
Con amore,
Anziano Clay Lacey

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